IFTL – Institute for Transformational Leadership


“Contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future through ethical leadership and its social impact”

We promote transformation and leadership through consulting, training and the accompaniment of people, teams and organizations, activating key processes through innovation, technology and knowledge.


Contribute to the Transformation of people, teams and organizations through self-knowledge, commitment, cross-functionality, innovation and optimization of key processes in a sustainable way and with extraordinary results.


To become the benchmark for generating ideas, attracting talent and disseminating knowledge, rethinking, redesigning and implementing new organizational models for the transformation towards a more sustainable economic and social system.



We defend that all human beings are perfect and complete and from their skills, knowledge and emotions, they can reach their maximum expression.


We defend the complementarity and richness that emerges from respect for the diversity of experiences, training, cultures, beliefs and thought.


We practice and promote collaborative business models and ways of working, based on trust, on the sum and exchange of experiences, knowledge and individual wills to achieve a common purpose.


We believe in communication and honest actions in all our professional and personal relationships, seeking the common good.


We practice and promote conscious decision making, solidarity and consistent with our values and with the needs of our environment and society.

Critical Thinking

Critical and self-critical thinking. We promote the formation of leaders and organizations capable of questioning the established reference frameworks, from respect, dignity and constructive criticism.

IfTL Community’s Holistic Model of Transformation

Our model and methodology drive transformation and leadership through consulting, training and accompaniment to individuals, teams and organizations, generating the necessary changes that allow the alignment and commitment required to achieve the goals set, and extraordinary results.

We apply our holistic model to both Training and Transformation (Corporate, Healthcare and Social) and we structure it in 7 areas of transversal knowledge.


IfTL’s team of consultants, trainers, coaches and mentors does not come with solutions but with experience, tools, methodology and knowledge to put themselves at the service of the client and get organizations to generate transformation and innovation to build their own solutions.

The purpose of IfTL is to teach organizations to learn and implement cultural models that allow them to be more flexible and competitive while taking care of people and their environment.

Àlex Grasas
Operations and Agile

Founding Partner

Isabel Escolar
Individuals and Teams


Lluís Rosés
Teams and Innovation

Founding Partner

Marta Balanza
Office Manager


Rubén Llop
Strategy and Senior Management

Founding Partner

Rubén Llop Egea
Admin Officer


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“At the service of the individuals and organizations transformation for a more inclusive society.”

Rubén Llop
Founding Partner